Authored by Yann Esposito


Depends on use diff-so-fancy.

Survival commands:

  • git st (for git status)
  • git br (for git branch)
  • git synctg to sync from master of the tg remote.

Useful commands

  • git save
  • git wip
  • git unstage
  • git undomerge (during failing merge, reset everything to normal)
  • git undo (to undo the last commit)

Also useful tool to install

delete squashed branches

Put this script file in some file in your PATH (typically ~/bin/git-delete-squashed-branches)


git checkout -q master && \
    git for-each-ref refs/heads/ "--format=%(refname:short)" | while read branch; do
        mergeBase=$(git merge-base master $branch) && \
            [[ $(git cherry master $(git commit-tree $(git rev-parse $branch^{tree}) -p $mergeBase -m _)) == "-"* ]] && \
            git branch -D $branch;
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